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Ear Training

In the fall of 2008 I joined the Juilliard faculty. In teaching musicianship I have found certain drills and exercises to be particularly helpful. Using actual students in my classes I have prepared fifteen videos representing some excerpts from my beginning Ear Training classes at Juilliard.
Some of these activities I have developed over the last decade of classroom teaching; others were handed down to me by my mentor, Mary Anthony Cox. All classes are conducted in fixed-do solfège. The box below shows the chapter titles and descriptions of the fifteen videos.

Video Chapter Titles and Descriptions

Chapter 1 Syllables - Group—Syllable Drills in 2nds, 3rds, and 4ths

Chapter 2 Syllables - Solo—Syllable Drill Exam in 16ths

Chapter 3 PSW-Treble—Play, Sing, and Write in Treble Clef

Chapter 4 PSW-Tenor—Play, Sing, and Write in Tenor Clef

Chapter 5 Sight Reading—1, 2, 3 in minor

Chapter 6 Triads and Key Signatures—3 & 5 up pattern

Chapter 7 Scales and Key Signatures—5 down to 1-7-1

Chapter 8 Sing Scales—2 up to 8; 3 up to 8; 7 down to 1; 6 down to 1-7-1

Chapter 9 Circle of Fifths—Play, Quality, Roman Number, Name of Bass

Chapter 10 diminished 5th Exercise—7-1-2-3-4 in Major

Chapter 11 Rhythm—#57 in Robert Starer's Rhythmic Training

Chapter 12 Sing Intervals-Group—m2 thru M7 atonal

Chapter 13 Sing Intervals-Solo—m2 thru M7 atonal Exam

Chapter 14 Bach—Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass Clefs

Chapter 15 Harmonic Dictation—three-voice in soprano, alto, and tenor clefs

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